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We currently cover all basic math, science, English, and Spanish courses. For more information click below


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ARK Education was founded by three juniors at Northview High School who believe that every student is capable of great things. As high school students, we understand that during these unprecedented times, children may be deprived of an instructional setting that allows them to flourish. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of learning nationwide, preventing kids from receiving the quality instruction that they need and deserve.


We are here to bridge the gap between the student and the classroom. Our polished expertise on subjects such as mathematics, English language arts, world languages, science, and even real-world courses such as computer science and business will help children truly absorb and understand course material, identify their talents, and explore their interests during the crucial years of their academic career. Our goal at ARK is to ensure that we provide the means for every student to be successful in their endeavors, whatever it may be, and that too free of charge; because no parent should be required to pay to give their child a chance at a better future.


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